Revised IMCA Guidelines for DP Familiarisation Training
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 14:00

In 2017, we saw a large increase in participants on the DP Familiarisation course and with the new guidelines from IMCA [IMCA 117 Rev.2 (as shown below)] being filtered deeper into the industry, we expect to deliver many more courses next year.

Under the revised guidelines from IMCA:

6.5 Training Courses for Other Personnel Involved in DP Operations

“In general, all key DP personnel and others with a need to have an understanding of DP operating procedures should have a good understanding of each other’s tasks and responsibilities. It is further recommended that other personnel involved in operations on DP vessels, such as diving supervisors, construction superintendents, senior drilling personnel, and anyone who needs familiarisation on DP operations attend a structured DP familiarisation course. This course can be arranged onboard or at a shore based training establishment”.

We will be regularly delivering DP Familiarisation courses in 2018 to comply with this guideline. The 2018 training schedule for DP Familiarisation can be located HERE however we are more than flexible to change course dates to suit your needs.

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