• Do I need to bring anything along to the course?

All course participants will need to bring photo ID to present at the beginning of the course. We need to verify your identity before we can issue a certificate at the completion of your course.

Course Participants undertaking the DP Induction (Basic) course will also need to show their certificate of competency (COC) prior to commencing the course. Cadets, trainees and others without a COC will need to show a letter from their employer showing they are undertaking a program to gain a STCW recognised COC.

Course participants undertaking the DP Simulator (Advanced) course will need to bring their NI DP Logbook with them to be completed by the instructor at the completion of the course.

  • I am attending a DP Induction (Basic) course, how do I get a NI DP Logbook?

All course participants attending the DP Induction (Basic) course will be issued with a NI DP Logbook at the completion of the course. The cost of this Logbook is covered in the course fee.

  • Do you provide lunch during the course?

Yes, we provide lunch for all course participants. We also provide morning and afternoon tea, as well as tea and coffee facilities during your time at the centre.

  • Is on-site parking available?

There is limited parking at the training facility. Should you require parking, please contact FSOSC who can then make appropriate arrangements.

  • Is FSOSC able to assist with Hotel Accommodation?

FSOSC can recommend a variety of accommodation options as well as advise on car hire and Taxi services if required.